A simple process to spring clean your house this season

It’s the time of year for spring cleaning! As cliche as it may be, you never know what you could be missing when you’re spring cleaning. Easier ways to organize, store & rearrange your home. Decluttering doesn’t have to be scary or an all day project. You can pick 1 - 2 areas a day & have your home aired out & spacious in as little as one week!

1. Closets, drawers & Cabinets

Closets, drawers, & cabinets tend to hold the most clutter because we get in the habit of hiding things. Once cleared out, find bins or baskets to keep things nice & tidy. Now is the time to renew your space, time to get rid of items not being used, paperwork not needed, everyone in the households clothes & shoes no longer wanted.

2. For the living room & dining area

Re- arranging the furniture can create a better flow & comfort. Adding a few pieces here & there to either just add to or completely change the color scheme to pastel, floral or bright. Accent rugs, pillows, bedding, nick nacks etc are great to use & easy to swap out once the season is over.

3. The bathroom

This space is small but can be tidied by freshening up the space with fresh scented candles & if you have a shower curtain, change that to a neutral fresh color. 4. The Bedroom.

Wash and whiten your pillows and duvet in the washing machine, and air out your mattress. Clear out drawers of unwanted items or clothes, clean cobwebs, windows etc 5. The kitchen.

Make your bin smell good as new. Clear off counter space, throw away broken or old appliances, and replace dingy or worn down dishes 6. Random around the house

Remove carpet stains with an iron, throw away ripped or town decor like pillows, things that you haven't gotten around to. 7. Digital

Throw out old chargers, cords, kitchen appliances or computers

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