Creating a Peaceful Atmosphere in Your Home

Home décor and the arrangement in your home affects your mood more than you may think. Having a peaceful space to come home to can and will destress you at the end of the day. This makes it important to make sure you set up your home environment to be more tranquil.

Here are 5 tips to release some tension around your home

Declutter - Clutter immediately causes stress and anxiety

Add Salt Lamps, Soy Candles, String Lights - These light combos can add peace by soothing the strain on your eyes and freshening up the space

Sage & Palo Santo - This is more of a spiritual practice, but it has been said that burning these throughout your home can release negative energy and increase positive energy

Add plants - Plants can go into any room you want. They eliminate toxins from indoor spaces, thus re-oxygenating your home.

Natural Light - Open the windows, place mirrors in sungligh to reflect more. A naturally lit room boosts productivity, improves mood, and creates a peaceful environment,

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